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My name is Mat Ryan "Eternal" and I’m from Stockton California. I currently tattoo at Gold Label Tattoo in Longwood, FL. I also work at American Tattoo Society at military bases across the US. I was also on the TV show Ink Master; "Ink Master: Rivals", 2 Seasons of "Ink Master: Redemption""Ink Master: Grudge Match". I specialize in all styles of black & grey tattooing and put my heart and soul into each and every piece I make. I am NEVER bigger than the tattoo I create so you will not run into any kind of rockstar attitude in my chair. I want my clients to have fun and enjoy their experience from the time they enter till the time they leave. Let’s make something rad together.


Featured Work

"I believe we all have a story in us and I want to help bring your story to life on skin." - Ryan Eternal

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